First it was interesting watching the bug move like my life with no friends, so slowly.  Yet I didn't want to be a bug, I wanted to be like everyone else an animal! I would be a dragon or something cool not just a bug in this world but I can’t change it. Me Ryan Mcferson will never be a dragon. Doing it but it is SO slow I will never see it become an animal a butterfly from a caterpillar unlike me. I will never be an animal. I’m only going to change into a different bug if anything.

YOUR MINE NOW! -By Grace Bower

A few minutes into the walk Taylor came across a  yellow bike just zip-tied up to a tree. “That's weird, seems to be left behind by someone. It’s my lucky day because I don’t have a bike I walk everywhere so this will give me a break.” So I decided to take a spin then it turned black, I couldn’t hear anything. Help is what I wanted to scream! I still couldn't when I could see because there was IT right in my face staring at me! “YOUR MINE NOW, my bike is now yours so your now MINE!

Vroom Vroom -Grace

“Hey Dad can I go bike riding.”   “Sure Eva make sure you are back by sunset though and  don’t get into trouble you are six still but have fun!”  “First I will walk lola though.” I grab lola and his car keys >: )
“Lets have some fun” I say as I climbed into the vehicle and turn the music up with my furry companion. “First of all, let's not take this too far, let’s not drive to fast let’s drive slowly.”  I press on the pedals we zoom off, once we went off that was my last sight of the world.

Snow Day Poem

Beautiful bits of sparkling ice
                                                          falling on my tongue
                                                         on this beautiful night
                                                  covered in a white layer of ice

100 word challenge -"Ava~"

"FINISHED finally I am over with that 5K, hey Ava you have any water." “Ummm let me check my bag but I don’t think I have any, sorry”  “I just need to lay down I think. But just in case, which way to the shops?’ it panted” <falls to the ground and faints

  .      . .      . . .
“Hello TIM you there” says in whisper through tears “This is all my fault I should have never told you to run this race to raise money for my school, why am I such a bad friend.” cries hard over him “Ava~ ” falls back down for good 

The friend was fake it was his enemy in disguise

News Article

Hi readers,

I am back and yet I have made another blog as you see, so now you get to read more of my amazing writing! Well its not the best but maybe not the worst!? Well anyway back on task ( I get distracted easily) so are you guys cardinals fans, because I am but its okay if you are not but we are going to talk about the amazing game four cards vs braves so if you are a cards fan I think you want to read this or even if you are not! So here it is..........

Cardinals vs Braves postseason game 4, Cards need a win, will they do it?
Game 5 at busch Cardinals at the braves. 1st inning there was two homers by the cards back to back by paul goldschmidt and marcell ozuna! The first inning everyone going nuts for the cards they have to win this game to tie it up. The rally towels flying up in the air.

No RBI’s or home runs in the second so the fans are settled down but they are still pumped to watch this intense game! The third inning has some action for the Braves! The Braves had not hit a …

World Poem

Hi readers,

What's up! Well what is up about me is that I finally won a soccer tournament! Yay for me! Okay back on task, well I was supposed to tell you about  my world poem so know here it is but first imagine I world that you control and choose every single rule and every thing you ever wanted in it.

If I were in charge of the world

I would save all the turtles in the world I would get all I want  I would never get sick  Every wish would come true

If I was in charge of the world  I would have a million million dollars I would always have the newest phone You would have to play roblox I would have a pool

If I was in charge I would  I would have a golden retriever puppy I could get any apps I ever wanted I would be a professional soccer star I would be a good artist